W30 Days 1/2: The Headache 

W30 Day 1:  Still quite unsure what came over me this morning as I reached for a Lara Bar instead of a bagel and a Diet Coke. Perhaps I was possessed, or my brain had been hijacked by Robb Wolf. Either way, I went to work without a lunch which forced me into decision making… Continue reading W30 Days 1/2: The Headache 


Motivation. Can't buy that shit on Amazon. You may think that some people have it, and some people don't. Fake news. Motivation is inside everyone, it just comes out stronger when you channel it toward something you are passionate about. Keeping with the fitness trend, here are some tips to get your ass off the… Continue reading Motivation


Going to the gym can be pretty intimidating, especially for the first few times. Surrounded by equipment you don't know how to use, and you're fully convinced everyone is staring at you. You're surrounded by equipment you don't know how to use and the members seem, well, intense. Your "newbie" is showing as you walk… Continue reading Gymtimidation

Does Not Work(out) Well With Others 

When I see a group of 3 girls at the gym, I can always tell who's idea it was to coordinate this workout. It's similar to Goldilocks and the 3 bears. They are all using the same set of 5lb dumbbells, 20lb straight bar and light resistance band. However, there's one of them who was… Continue reading Does Not Work(out) Well With Others 

No One Cares What You Ate For Dinner 

I'm not exactly sure when it became such a social media normality to post pictures of an aesthetic meal before you dig in. Imagine 20 years ago sitting down for a romantic dinner for two at a dimly lit restaurant. You scan the menu and pick a meal that sounds like it would be decently… Continue reading No One Cares What You Ate For Dinner 

Smart Shopping

Tips to fill your fridge for less! "Eating health doesn't have to be expensive!" I'm sure you've heard that load of bullshit before. But after one haul of 20lbs of veggies and organic meat, you'll know that is far from the truth. I saved all of my receipts from every food shopping trip during my… Continue reading Smart Shopping

Mindful Eating: The “WHAT”, “WHY” and “HOW”

Mindful eating is the practice of being completely present while eating food and using all of your senses to experience the food itself. During my therapy session yesterday, we talked about how disconnected I can be when it comes to my eating habits and how my hunger cues have been completely destroyed from binge eating… Continue reading Mindful Eating: The “WHAT”, “WHY” and “HOW”