Trendy Diets 

While I think it’s great that the general population has started to care about heath and nutrition and exercise, I must give my two cents- would you expect anything different from me? It’s almost as if the popularity of documentaries such as “Vegucated”, “What the Health”, “Sugar Coated” and “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead” have suddenly given us all a lightbulb moment. Hey, maybe the standard American diet (SAD) isn’t that great for our health! News flash: it never was. Unfortunately, it has become widely accepted to have McDonalds and other fast foods as part of a weekly ritual, opting for high calorie chemically pumped processed foods instead of nutrient dense vegetables and proteins. Before you jump to “gluten free” or “keto is the way to go” thanks to a Good Morning America segment, maybe consider doing your own digging.
With a little Google-ing, you could find studies to support literally any viewpoint of any research that has ever been done. In some cases you may even find that the study could have been funded by a company who’s products support OR disprove certain claims. I have read articles about how high protein diets can promote growth of cancer cells, eating too many eggs can increase cholesterol, artificial sweeteners can blah blah blah (I’m staying out of that one, don’t need anyone from Layne’s cult coming after me). Coca Cola has funded several studies to point in the general direction of “Sugary soft drinks do not cause obesity”. However, they neglect to point out that although the soda itself may not cause obesity, that people who drink soda are also, in most cases, eating more calories… the part that causes the weight gain. Anything can be twisted into whatever data you want to collect or portray. 
It’s kind of like when you’re in a fight with your boyfriend and you know you’re wrong so you cry and act like the victim. I’m sure both of you will tell the story very differently when you vent to your friends. 
As far as the health documentaries go, “What the Health” is CLEARLY promoting a vegan lifestyle, not only by shoving the importance of plant based foods down your throats but also by demonizing meat and all animal products. I have watched “Vegucated” which I actually really enjoyed, following life-long meat eaters into veganism which felt less pressuring than having a bunch of “scientists” telling me how eggs = cigarettes. Like, boy bye. 
Random thought, I’ve seen a large slab of meat covered in some kind of mold circulating on Facebook shared by a few people. Like, 400 thousand. No biggie. The video warns people of the risk of buying meat from a supermarket, and showing tactics on how they make it look more “real” or how butchers extend the shelf life by marinating the meat or mixing old, discolored meat with bright red, new meat to make it look fresher. I’ve worked in several supermarkets, and I’ve been handling food since I was 17. There is no fucking way this could be happening. At previous jobs, every item needed to be labeled as soon as it was opened. Even BEFORE the expiration was reached, it was discarded. When the coolers broke or temperature wasn’t held, we threw away everything perishable. I was a manager, and I take a lot of pride in the fact that I never asked any of my employees to handle food in a way that would compromise the interfaith of the company or someone’s health. The point of that rant was that I saw some of my friends post the video and say they were never going to eat meat again… and proceeded to check-in to Five Guys the next day. 
Overall, for the love of gluten, don’t believe everything you read on the internet. I’ve learned that from experience because I USED TO DO JUST THAT. I would hear one thing on a podcast or read one snippet of an article and dive right into the next ridiculous trendy thing. I’ve learned that m: Keto is hard and I don’t like fat enough to eat 70% of my diet in meat. Vegan is also not for me, because homegirl loves Chik-Fil-A. Plant based vegetarian doesn’t really work for me either, without animal protein I get pretty tired and rely a lot on sugar for energy with screws up my entire body. I’m still on the search for what works for my body (hence the Whole30 elimination diet) and I know now that what works for anyone else might not be my golden ticket to health. Proceed with caution when adapting any new lifestyle changes and make sure to do your own research on your body before proclaiming it’s the miracle diet for everyone! 

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