W30 Days 3/4: This is Fine. Really, it is. 

W30 R1D3: Today was easy. The end. Ok, maybe a little more than that. Woke up feeling more rested than usual, but still decently tired and thankful to be off from work. My stomach is noticeably flatter than yesterday, my inflammation must be on the way out! Prolonged breakfast till 10am, simply just not hungry. Made a “toddler breakfast” aka a bunch of bite sized things: 2 Applegate Farms organic beef hot dogs (LOVE THEM), some cut tomatoes and diced mango with a handful of walnuts. Gave myself permission to have a lazy day, and lounged on the couch until my doctor’s appointment at 1:30. I requested a prescription for blood work, because there HAS to be something making me this exhausted every day. Possibly low iron or a malabsorption of vitamins. You know what he told me? Stop taking naps. Sure doc, because every single time I sit down on the couch I fall asleep. To which he fired back with “set an alarm for every half hour from 2pm to 6pm and make sure it’s a loud one”. Also drink a cup of coffee at 3pm. So if anyone can recommend a new doctor, please name drop in the comment section. I was pretty hungry after I left, and having my last meal 4 hours ago I decided to have a blueberry RX bar in the car. I knew I would have to stop for avocados (here we go again with the fats) and needed to still prepare something for lunch. I also picked up 2 jars of baby food at Shoprite to keep at work in my desk in case I started to feel shake-y from the sugar withdrawals and couldn’t take a break (nobody’s perfect ok??? Hannah Montana said so). Made a delicious salad for lunch with spinach, faux-tisserie chicken with taco seasoning, avocado, carrots and a hard boiled egg. That kept me full until 8pm until I made dinner. I dug an individually wrapped pork chop out of the freezer yesterday, so I had that for dinner with unsweetened applesauce, carrot sticks and almond butter with some cherries and blueberries. Quick, easy, and have a chop leftover for tomorrow. Smooth sailing today, I can only pray that it stays this way… P.s.- it won’t. It gets hard. 

W30 R1D4: Well, another suspiciously easy day. Woke up and had my lunch already packed (thank you, last-night-Leesh). Off to work at 5:30am and for the first time I looked at cookies and bread as just THINGS and not FOOD. Non scale victory. Whoop whoop! Breakfast at 9 was a pork chop with apple sauce, 1/2 an avocado, and diced mango. Worked for a few HOURS without snacking, just drinking water and I wasn’t even hungry. And I actually had a normal bowel movement so this day is already going better than usual. Lunch @ 1pm: shredded chicken with tomato sauce, tomatoes, carrot sticks and some cherries. Full after 2 meals, so I only had 3 total today. I had an iced coffee from some BANGIN coconut cold brew concentrate mixed with almond milk I found at Trader Joe’s… so naturally I drank it too fast and got a little shake-y. Went to the library and found some more delicious recipes from Nom Nom Paleo that I’m so excited to try! Stopped at the ‘Joe for some more coffee and an onion & almond flour for dinner… because these turkey meatballs are lifeeee. Made 2 batches because I know tomorrow I’ll be too lazy to make anything. Dinner was the same chicken and sauce, over a microwaved sweet potato and cashews. I kinda gotta chill on the nuts, they’re really only recommended 2x per week, but again- I’M DOING MY BEST. That was at 6pm, it’s now 7:30 and normally I would want another snack while I watch Wheel Of Fortune… not anymore. I’m full but not stuffed, satiated and not bloated. I skipped the nap (doctor’s orders *eyeroll*) hoping to sleep through the night. Minimal headache, no side effects from any food. Overall feeling great & excited to keep it up! 

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