Whole30 Tips

There are a laundry list of things I could go on and on about, some of them I have even covered in a previous blog (see Smart Shopping). Here are some Whole30 specific tips I have found helpful during my last round, and the list will grow as I get deeper into the remaining 27 days of this current round. 

  1. When you’re having a good food day, and you feel no cravings or pressure to crack, eat something boring. Save the delicious home cooked meals for when your motivation dips and use new recipes to rekindle your love of the program remember why you started.
  2. READ THE WHOLE RECIPE BEFORE YOU START COOKING AND YES THIS REQUIRES ALL CAPS. Nothing is worse than starting a recipe and discovering you’re missing a key ingredient. Not all recipe writers are rocket scientists, so there could be some steps out of order or missing items in the “ingredients” section that sneak up later in the instructions. 
  3. If you’re craving sugar, drinking water does not help. I don’t care what the forum says, it doesn’t do jack shit especially when you’re working around cakes and cookies and all the yummy things. Ask yourself if you’re really hungry or just bored. If you think about chicken and broccoli and actually WANT it, go ahead and EAT. If not, try to distract yourself until the craving passes. 
  4. Don’t eat anything out of the package. This includes a handful of nuts or a spoonful of almond butter, even standing in front of the fridge picking at leftovers. Make a plate so you can see what your eating to make sure you have all the components of a well rounded meal with proteins, fats and veg. 
  5. Eat your leftovers. Like, the next day. If you don’t eat your dinner scraps for breakfast or lunch, you may find the appeal of them to fade or they could get pushed to the back of the fridge aka Narnia. My first day I made turkey meatballs for dinner, and had them for lunch AND dinner the next day. Really cuts down on food waste, too.
  6. When in doubt, egg it out. Eggs are super simple, easy and quick to make in a bunch of different ways. I use them frequently because I like them, but I know they’re easy to get sick of. Good protein component to a “mini meal” or for a preworkout snack. 
  7. Beware of the Facebook groups and forums. This is something I learned from experience, it seems like every moderator on the Facebook “Whole30 Support Group” was anything but supportive. Maybe I’m just being a pansy, but I felt pretty targeted when I would post a meal that wasn’t SUPER 100% PERFECT IN EVERY WAY and get a ton of flack for it. I was even criticized for using paper plates, as if we don’t do enough fucking dishes on this program. I also work abnormal hours and don’t have the luxury of being a stay at home mom (yet) so some days I would have 5 meals or 3 meals and a snack or 2. Yes, a Lara Bar may have been breakfast a few times. Or a pre-workout meal. I got shit for that too. I also got a few of my photos flagged for being “inappropriate” when I asked for help with my bloating because only before & after pictures were allowed. So apparently the moderators thought I was Satan, #sorrynotsorry for doing the best I could with my lifestyle/job/commitment level. Rant over. 
  8. Don’t be so hard on yourself. No need to panic or fall face first into a whole pizza if you don’t have a plates fat. Avocados can be expensive af and the cops won’t bang on your door if you have an apple with almond butter in between meals. Trust me, I asked Melissa and she said this program is MEANT to be tailored to your lifestyle. After all, the diet you’ll stick to is the one that fits your life. And having a “driving snack” for the first few days helped me to not stop at a Taco Bell. So there. 
  9. Keep up with your dishes. This may seem a little “duh” but you don’t realize how much cooking and cleaning is involved when you eat almost every meal at home. Especially during “the hangover” and a “kill all the things” day, the last thing you want to do is have to clean up LAST nights mess before you make a new mess. 
  10. READ. EVERY. LABEL. I don’t care if it’s something you buy on every trip, sometimes companies and brands add or take away ingredients without notice! Even 2 different brands of roasted red peppers have made their way into my fridge: 1 with only peppers and oil, and the other with pepper and oil AND brown sugar! It never hurts to double check, or triple check, or ask the cashier to check too. Nothing worse than finding out your beloved coconut milk has “less than 2% of the following: carrageenan”. Better safe than sorry! 

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