W30 Days 5/6: Cookie Monster Fever 

W30 R1D5

Went to get fasted blood work done this morning at 6:45am, and for some reason all I wanted was a smoothie. Some kind of cold, slushie drink has been on my mind for a few days, and the chance of finding one without sugar out in the real world was slim to none. Unfortunately, when I got home the craving had passed and I wasn’t even really hungry yet. Definitely have been more in tune with hunger signals and not just constantly grazing. I decided to forgo a hot breakfast and opted to make the smoothie to bring on the ride to work. WELL: ok, it wasn’t bad but it tasted very… healthy. In the smoothie was ice, almond milk, frozen strawberries, a whole banana, liquid egg whites, coconut flakes and 2 generous handfuls of spinach. Without a back up breakfast, I chugged half in the car aaaaand just remembered it’s still sitting there in the heat. Lovely. A+ Leesh. Everything at work smells… delicious. And today I was baking, so the scent of warm cookies and muffins whirred around me all day. I felt like a cartoon character being lifted off the ground, floating through the air being carried by the steam of an off-screen meal. How’s that for imagery? The Whole30 bible claims the average craving lasts for 5 minutes, but I beg to differ especially when you can’t escape the temptation. I put off lunch till 12:15, and had a salad with chicken, avocado, tomato, walnuts and spinach. I also had a small cup of fruit from the fridge in the break room, which was expired and my body made sure to let me know it. After that rejection, I went back to work and just kind of tried to not breathe around the sugars. Later in the day around 4 I had my second real meal, and it was my beloved turkey meatballs with sauce (*AND THE CROWD GOES WILDDDDD*) with carrots, green pepper and a sprinkle of a few walnuts. It was very filling even for being a small amount, it’s amazing how a smaller meal of Whole Foods can fill me up so much more that an entire bag of empty calorie chips. I got home from work at 6:30, threw my Tupperware in the dishwasher and passed out on the couch. Once again, I woke up in the middle of the night and now I can’t sleep… so I will blog. Definitely didn’t mean to only have 2 meals today, but I don’t feel deprived or hungry. I had full intention of eating dinner if I hadn’t fallen asleep so early, but tomorrow (well, today technically) is a new day. 

Day 6, the first Whole30 dream. I was whisked away with ian to an all inclusive resort in Mexico. For some reason, the first part of this nightmare, it was PACKED with teenagers… everywhere. I had no bags packed and nothing with me, but the first stop was the breakfast buffet. AND I WAS ON A WHOLE30 ROUND. Basically a nightmare, there was nothing I was positive I could eat and anything that has fruit was touching or wrapped in some sort of pastry. The eggs were all cooked in ways I don’t like them, and there was nothing to drink (not even WATER) except champagne, Rosé and fruit juices. But the fruit juices were still in original bottles (like ocean spray) and they were filled with sugar and dextrose *screams*. I was having a small panic attack trying to talk myself off a ledge, and ian was trying to calm me down about just enjoying myself and starting over when I got back. So I made a plate of somewhat healthy foods, toast and eggs and had a hard plastic tumbler filled with wine that said “this might be rosé” (it was). Fought our way back through the rowdy teens to the suite, and when I sat down- I didn’t even have the plate! I must have left it there! So I threw the cup out the window and cried telling ian that I’m never eating again. 

ANYWAY. On to the day. Woke up… on the couch. At 1:30am. Cool. I was up till 4 flipping through TLC, but I was a little hungry and didn’t want to eat in the middle of the night. Waited till about 8am to have a cup of iced coconut cold brew from Trader Joe’s (bless up) and another toddler breakfast of cut up hot dogs, tomatoes, mango, strawberries and walnuts. I really gotta chill on the nuts though, it’s the only thing so far that messed with my stomach besides coconut milk. I was BUSY AS FUCK today, and was barely even home. Ran a bunch of food-related errands and went to Whole Foods to waste 45 minutes wandering around and only spent $20, so that’s a win in my book. I was on the hunt for a sushi mat since I saw it on a YouTube video this morning because I can have that!… without rice of course. Long story short, Ian is ordering me one from Amazon but I made due with some knock off cedar wraps I found at my 6th stop today- Wegmans. Stopped home for lunch at 12:30- obviously like 6 turkey meatballs & sauce- then headed out to my dad’s so he could thin slice my sweet potatoes because I literally can’t. Came home and made sushi with all the things I got today, and the rolls themselves came out great! Cutting them was a nightmare, lesson learned that my knives are not sharp enough. I also made sloppy joe nachos with beef for dinner- for the recipe for sloppy Joes click HERE and the sweet potato chips are here from Pinterest  so just say a small prayer for my stomach because I’ve actually never had beef like that. I don’t eat red meat but I figured I would at least branch out once during this time. Successful day, but I’m exhausted from all that running around. 

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