What We Wish We Knew

Happy New Year, readers! I asked a bunch of my fit friends what they wish they knew when they were just beginning to embark on their road to a healthier lifestyle. All of our answers were pretty similar, and with their help I've compiled this list of tips and tricks to get your fitness journey… Continue reading What We Wish We Knew

A Quick Word About Periods

This post is a bit unlike my normal content, but will be filtered in periodically (no pun intended). That's right, I'm back again to talk about taboo topics and spreading the word on female reproductive health.  I'm gonna jump right in and start throwing out words that may make some people uncomfortable, so here is… Continue reading A Quick Word About Periods

Fit to Fat and Back Again… And Again… And Again.

Does this sound familiar?  You go balls to the wall eating all of the #health and morphing yourself in the gym into a beautiful, muscular butterfly only to destroy your hard work in one week after you decide to "treat yourself". One look in the mirror and YIKES you're back to where you started! So… Continue reading Fit to Fat and Back Again… And Again… And Again.